ciNPT Dressing

This dressing is applied immediately after skin closure in a surgical procedure. It is polyurethane based dressing with a silicone gel that has both absorptive and evaporative effects. The dressing pack comes with occlusive drape that augments the adhesive of the dressing. The extra adhesive ensures that the vacuum is maintained in case the dressing’s adhesive loses the ability to stick to the skin and thus allowing entry of air. A vacuum port is attached to the dressing that is connected to the canister, which in turn is connected to negative pressure generating unit. The exudate is removed through this vacuum port into the canister.

How To Apply:

  • The incision is dried completely in the operating room after complete skin closure.
  • The dressing is then applied on to the incision. The vacuum port should be positioned such that it allows easy movement of the exudate.
  • Additional adhesive is used to secure the dressing in place to ensure that vacuum is maintained.
  • The vacuum port is connected to suction machine to generate pressure. If pressure is not generated then reapplication becomes necessary.
  • The vacuum port lock is used to ensure that pressure is maintained.
  • Later, the port is connected to the negative pressure-generating unit.


* The recommended pressure for ciNPT ranges from -65 −-125mmHg.

* The dressing is removed 5-7 days after the surgical procedure.