A complete system that provides state-of-the art negative pressure therapy at an economical cost. It comes with a negative pressure-generating unit (-5mmHg − -300mmHg) and foam based dressing kits that make application an easy and timesaving process.

How to apply:

  • The foam is selected according to size of the wound or is cut to size.
  • An occlusive drape is then used to cover the foam. It should be ensured that the coverage is such that there is no leakage.
  • An opening (~1.5 cm) is then created in the drape where the vacuum port is then placed.
  • The vacuum port is then connected to the canister that in turn is connected to the machine.
  • The required pressure is then set on the machine and machine is activated to check the generation of negative pressure on the wound surface.


* Compression of the foam is an indication of generation of negative pressure and no leakage. The foam will not change its configuration entirely if there is any leakage.